About Us

A.R. International (Pvt) Limited, established in 1998, is a diverse company involved in import/export, distributorship of Lubricants, Chemicals and Machinery/Equipment along with indenting/bidding at governmental/private companies.

We are provider of all types of Industrial Lubricants and Chemicals required in the field of Oil and Gas Industries, Aviation Sector, Telecommunication, Heavy Lifts, Power sector, Construction and Engineering, Automobile etc. 

By creating a niche for itself and maintaining a prominent status in a highly competitive market in Pakistan, A.R. International has earned respect by being appointed as an exclusive agent/distributor for Pakistan by internationally renowned American/European & Chinese Companies.  

By the Grace of God, A.R. International is serving more than five hundred national and multinational companies located in Pakistan with about 23 years of in depth industrial knowledge.

If you need further information regarding A.R. International please contact at info@arint.com.pk